About Ameex

Ameex Technologies is a digital transformation and delivery partner helping clients ideate, design, build and deploy next generation, deeply integrated digital technology solutions. We bring together content, commerce, and technology to deliver an omnichannel experience to our clients. Our industry knowledge combined with our deep expertise in leveraging standardized processes, automation, data-driven analytics, and artificial intelligence/machine learning allows us to deliver a personalized experience across different platforms. Our flexible and cost-effective engagement models (project, FTE or outcome-driven) are bound to deliver high quality, highly scalable and on-time solutions that accelerate growth in the dynamically changing business environment.


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Our Global Leadership Team

Dan Venkatesan
Dan Venkatesan CEO Ameexusa
Ranga Srinivasan
Ranga CTO Ameex Technolgies
Prathap Venkatesan
Prathap Venkatesan
Raj Piruthivi
Raj Piruthivi Vice president Ameex technologies
Susan Cline
Susan Cline Ameex Tech
Tom Pirovano
Tom Pirovano
Brett McCoin